My life, Art and......stuff!

Ok, once again I have abandoned this blog for way too long, probably since the new year. Why? I dunno, probably cause nobody really gets off instagram and facebook anymore, LOL. Yeah, yeah, I know, always blaming the other guy. 
Anyways, So a bunch of stuff happened since the new year. We had to move out of our Apartment because of a new neighbor with a bad chain smoking habit. Started making our daughter sick. Started making my wife sick and myself included. And since we are more than likely moving to Washington state in June, there was no point in signing another lease anywhere else. So we tossed all our stuff in storage and moved in with the in-laws while we await our next big and hopefully final move. 
But none of that has stopped the art. I still pulled off Long Beach Comic Expo with great success and am now gearing up for Wonder Con next week in Anaheim. 

At Long Beach Comic Expo, a buddy by the name Sammy The Bull (on instagram @sammybull1) introduced me to the famous cosplayer Hip Hop Trooper. I had done plenty of custom art work for the Bull and the idea of making a Hip Hop Trooper Print came about. 
So to kick off Wonder Con, I am now taking Pre-Orders for it. $10 and you get ONE of two Companion Prints for FREE. For more details visit my instagram, where I have been promoting the crap out of it. Or email me at artbytobias@gmail.com 
This print is limited to 35 Copies, three of which have been claimed as of today. Print will be $12 at WonderCon and each companion is $5 a piece. 
Also added to my inventory are these two new prints below. Both are sketches I did at Phat Con at Dave & Buster's Back in January. I tricked them out a bit and will be selling them as 5.5x8.5 Prints for $5 each. These will also be eligible for FREEBIES if you Pre-Order the above Hip Hop Trooper Print. That's in case you don't care for Darth Vader or DJ Wookie. 

I'm also brining back some old Classics in new sizes. These three prints started it all for me. Although no longer in large 11x17 format, they will now be available in 5.5x8.5 sizes. And will also be eligible for a FREEBIE if you Pre-Order the above....above Hip Hop Trooper Print.

Moving on, remember my BEAR?!!! Yes, he's being made into a collectible figurine. Courtesy of the awesome 3D modeling skills of Adler Romero (aka @eagle_3d on instagram) of Eye 5 Toys. 
Behold and gaze at the glory that is the 3D prototype of the BEAR. 

The Prototype should be available for viewing at my Wonder Con table. So if you're going, please stop by and say what's up. Artist Alley Table B-22, April 3-5 at the Anaheim Convention Center. 

And....if nobody read this, well then this was just a huge waste of time, haha. 


Upcoming Events

I have two exciting events coming up over the next two weeks. 

First up: Saturday January 17th I will be a guest artist at Earth 2 Comics in Sherman Oaks for the Marvel Star Wars #1 release party. I will be premiering two new Limited Edition Prints, one of which will be an Earth 2 Exclusive. First 10 People to purchase a Blank Variant with an artist sketch will receive one of these Prints for free. I believe the Blank Variants with sketch will sell for $20. 
I will be one of the artists sketching on these covers. There will also be Yoda cookies, sales and tons of fun. This event is scheduled to start at 11am and end at 2pm.
For more info regarding this event please click link below:

Next up: Saturday, January 24th I will be exhibiting Artist Alley style at PHAT Con. This event will take place at Dave & Busters in Orange. This is a HUGE event with tons of awesome artists, best of all, it's free to the public. So if you like Comic Conventions but don't wanna pay to get in, this is the place for you. They do offer VIP packages that include lots of goodies including my Exclusive "Headaches" print if you feel the need to pay to get in, lol. I will be busting out commissions all day. New commission pricing and rules coming soon. 
For more info regarding this event please click link below:

Also, I will be getting ready to prepare for Long Beach Comic Expo Next month....stay tuned.


Moving into 2015

Greetings and Happy New Year. By the time you read this we will more than likely have started 2015. I'm still slacking in brining people here to my blog, so not sure how many people will actually read this. I will continue to make an effort to grow my audience here. Facebook is not really allowing me to reach a larger audience as they are capping views. Instagram has been a great tool but it is more for the visual audience and I'm also not sure how many people actually read the captions. So I will bring all my written thoughts here and simply post links everywhere else to try and drive the traffic here. 

Anyways, back to the point. New Year, new opportunities, new activities. 
I can officially declare 2014 a success. I pretty much exhibited at every local Comic Convention along with small little events here and there. I've met tons of cool people and other amazing artists. 
I've also scored a lot of great little gigs and opportunities along the way. Overall, I'm happy with the outcome, but I'm still broke. This past year has also been a struggle and a true test of will. As some of you may know, I quit my blue collar job in February of 2012 to embark on the greatest job in the world, being a dad. I also used this opportunity to really get into my art. Really start pushing. Getting out there. I started sharing tables at Conventions until October of 2013 when I got my first very own table at Comikaze. This was the spark. I started getting followers and invitations to appear at other events. This past year (2014) was my so called beginning. And I did all of it while taking care of my little girl and with the awesome support of my wife and my family. I have a great support system. And believe me you, I will go full throttle in this here 2015! 

As I have mentioned on instagram and facebook in the past couple of months, I will attempt to move into more of my creator owned content this year around. At least try and transition as I am still not 100% sure where my own characters are headed. Not even 100% sure where I'm headed as an artist and my identity in the art world. Don't get me wrong, I love drawing fan art, especially the stuff I like. And I have to thank Fan Art and comics for the little success I have had over the past couple of years. And of course I have to thank you, my followers, for supporting me. And I hope you will continue to support my venture into this coming year. 
By now most of the people who follow me have noticed and asked about the Bear. Sad to say, I still don't have very many answers to those questions. It's just something I've been doodling for a very long time. It has gone through a lot of changes. Been thrown around a variety of ideas. Also been thrown into a lot of my Fan Art pieces. But it still doesn't have a story of its own. This year I hope to change that. I hope to give you more answers. Possibly even have a vinyl figure made...cross my fingers. Time and money will tell. 

Anyways. Lots of plans, lots to look forward to. Happy New Year everyone. Make the best of it. 


12.11.11 '15

Today I want to wish my daughter a Happy Birthday. 
And I want to thank my wife for giving me such an awesome gift.
Together they sparked a new beginning in my life. 
On this day I created my greatest masterpiece. 
Today is 12/11...The happiest day in my life. 

My daughter has also inspired a new Character in development. More to come in 2015. 


Upcoming Events

Saturday, October 25th I'll be at Pulp Fiction Comics in Culver City for their Halloween Event. 
There will be special guests and signings and people like me will be exhibiting at their Artist Alley. 
I'll have prints and will be doing commissions and perhaps a limited amount of Bonus Free Sketches. 

Friday October 31st through Sunday November 2 I'll be in Artist Alley at Comikaze in the LA Convention Center.  With me will be +John Kratky, writer of our current online comic Tales of Hammerfist. John also writes two additional stories that can be found at http://coffeetimecomics.com called Ham-Fisted Tales and The Black Wall. 
I will also be doing random free sketches that I will hashtag on instagram as I complete them. These will be FREE on a first come, first serve bases. 

November 8 & 9 I will be at Designer Con at the Pasadena Convention Center. I will be sharing a booth with Franco and Francis Te from Tee No Evil. 
I will be displaying and promoting mostly my own original work and hope to have some new prints. 

I think these will be my final events and Cons for 2014. But lots of stuff coming up next year. Stay tuned. 

Facebook to Blog Transition

I still don't know if the rumors are true. But supposedly Facebook will be charging users a fee starting in November. I have posted about this on my Facebook page before. And if these rumors are true I will not longer be part of that network. So I will start making an effort to only post updates here on my blog and link it to facebook for as long as it remains free. Not that many people will see my posts anyways now that facebook is limiting the views. But for those who do, please subscribe to my blog if you'd like to continue following my artwork and updates. Or be sure to follow me on instagram @artbytobias and twitter at Art_By_Tobias.

Thanks You



Some of you already know that I've been doing some Label designs for SKULLE. SKULLE is a company that manufactures personal hygiene products such as soaps, shower gels and shaving cream. The products are geared towards athletes, law enforcement and military personnel, gamers, etc...I've been posting a lot of the labels I've made for them here on FB and on IG. But to get a better understanding of the company and my involvement with the artwork, check out the link below as Curt Fox (owner of SKULLE) puts me in the spotlight. They are a growing company and I encourage you to also check out their website at getSKULLE.com. I personally have not yet purchased any products, mostly cause I'm investing most of my money elsewhere. And usually by the time I'm ready to order the the product I want, they're already Sold Out of it. But I will at some point be trying this stuff out myself. But again, check out the video. Just a nice little rant about how cool I am, puahahahah JK. 


New Piece and stuff...

Hey everyone!
I honestly don't maintain my blog very well or often enough. I always get caught up with updating facebook and instagram. I will try to make an effort and update this blog at least twice a week from now on by posting new work, WIP's and sketches. I'm also making it a point to update my upcoming events which are listed over to your right >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I'm also doing research on how to open a decent store or ways to sell my work online as I have been asked a few times if I sell stuff online or how people can get a hold of some of the pieces they see posted on instagram and facebook. So stay tuned.

The image above was submitted to a fun little group art showing at Rose City Pizza which will be held this coming Saturday, August 16th in Rosemead form 7-10pm. Pizza, beer and art....good stuff. I will also have 9 limited prints with me sized 11x17 that I will be selling at the event for $10 each or $5 if you buy me a beer or a slice of pizza :)

Alright. That's it for right now.
Hope to keep this going.


Some New Works Today

This will be a new selection of works available as Sketch Card sized prints very soon. 
Except for the middle design. That was developed for GetSKULLE.com to promote their products and services.